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Trans shipping is not just simply about transferring anything from different points safely via sea. This is also a way for different countries to do business when delivering goods that cannot be accommodated by planes.

The size of these ships vary but they are definitely huge. This is where the problem arises. Not all ports are able to accommodate different sizes of ships and not all ships are able to reach the seaport especially because of their size. Because of this, they partner with a service company that caters to this type of problem by means of providing the best service solution. This is what they call the lightering.

The term lightering is not about lights. It might sound confusing but for those who are into sea transportation, the term lightering refers to the transferring of cargos from one cargo ship to another regardless of their sizes. So why do businesses need lightering? As earlier said, vessels come in different sizes. Most vessels that ship oil or other very large cargos, are really big in size. When they ship these cargos to smaller ports, they will have difficulty entering the area due to their size. This is where lightering happens. Big vessels will transfer their cargos to smaller vessels that can penetrate smaller sea ports. This way, there will be no issues on the delivery.

Skills and expertise are needed when you avail of lightering services. Transporting hazardous and dangerous cargos are never easy, what more if you transfer these cargos from one vessel to another, right? Imagine the risk that is involved when an oil tanker is transferred from one vessel to another in the middle of the sea. If you are not a legit lightering service company, this will definitely be a major problem.

For any lightering services, the crew are considered to be skilled and professionals. This means that these people arw trained and even licensed to perform this type of service. The risk of doing lightering service is not just on the safety of the transfer of the cargos from the original large vessel going into a smaller one. There is also risk on the people for both vessels.

There are specific methods and equipment used to perform lightering. With a legit lightering company, you are confident that they will perform their job with utmost safety and perfection. The goal of lightering service conpanies is to ensure that they are able to satisfy the needs of both the original vessel and deliver everything safely to the receiver wherever they are located. Again, lightering companies play a crucial role in. The cargo transportation. The ship-to-ship transfer is already dangerous. Transporting the cargos from that point to the seaport is another risk that the lightering company takes. But with the besr crew in their shio and the complete equipment to use, there will never be a problem in the process.

If you are looking for a lightering company, make sure that you hire not just the best but also the most experienced.

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